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I collaborate with my clients to construct a meaningful therapeutic experience that focuses on their unique strengths and abilities. We can tap into your potential by uncovering and addressing the obstacles in your way. Who could you be if you could ditch some of your stress, understand your anxiety and tackle it head on, manage emotions like sadness and fear, feel more comfortable in your skin, deal with that relationship that's driving you crazy, or start to really and genuinely like yourself?

Therapy creates a space for discovery and exploration that makes growth possible. Therapy moves us closer to happiness, peace, and serenity. I love seeing people begin to believe in themselves and become empowered agents of change in their own lives.  

I began volunteering in social services in 1998, working with organizations such as The Children’s Crisis Center, Sojourn for Battered Women and Their Children, and the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center. I became passionate about supporting people in alleviating emotional discomfort, improving relationships, and reaching their goals. Life it too short to be in pain when help is available. 

Outside of my private practice, which was opened in 2009, I have worked in non-profit organizations serving individuals at risk of suicide, as well as youth and families in under-served communities throughout Los Angeles. I have also worked in in-patient and out-patient settings supporting individuals in overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. See below for more information about my areas of specialization, qualifications, and experience.

To schedule an appointment, contact me at (213) 392-3081 or [email protected]

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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.


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anxiety & depression

job dissatisfaction

substance abuse and addictions
suicidal thoughts

self-injury / self-harm

history of trauma
relationship problems
couples & marriage counseling 

poor academic functioning

Qualifications & Experience

Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University Los Angeles

Member of California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT)

Positions held: Clinical Director (Soberguard Recovery), Primary Therapist (Soba Recovery), School-based Therapist (Occupational Therapy Training Program), Substance Abuse Therapist (Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services)