Specializing in helping women, couples and individuals in recovery from substance abuse



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women ages 16-45

Being a woman often presents a unique set of challenges in today's world. Recovering from past traumas, discovering a sense of meaning and purpose, and healing your relationships can make all the difference between a life of struggle versus a life of peace and freedom. Based on my professional training and my own experience as a woman, I approach working with women with passion, dedication, and commitment. 

individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions

Are you in the middle of figuring out how to get sober or maintain recovery? Maybe you're doing it on your own, maybe you need help after completing treatment in a rehab, or maybe you're participating in a 12-step program and need additional support managing the feelings that are surfacing. I've worked in treatment centers as a therapist and a director of clinical services, and I love helping people figure out how to live a satisfying and joyful sober life.


Is your relationship a place of healing and growth, or a toxic environment where unhealthy patterns, dynamics and behaviors are causing pain and suffering? If there is love between two people, there is a way to work toward healthy companionship. A relationship can be turned from unmanageable and painful into one that is forgiving and nurturing. The work you do as a couple can also have a hugely positive impact on the future happiness of your children.

What our customers are saying

Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Joseph Campbell - Mythologist, Author, & Lecturer